A reasonable number of children cycle to Sciennes. The Council’s City Development Department installed racks a few years ago after pressure from the school’s first Safe Routes to School Group. At first these were the normal ‘Sheffield Racks’ but it was soon found that small bikes just fell over, so (after a suggestion from the SR2S group a, lower, horizontal bar was added. This became the standard ‘Edinburgh Rack’, though the school likes to think of it as the ‘Sciennes Rack‘.

There is no suggestion that children should cycle unaccompanied. Quite a few come with a parent who then cycles on to work. Young children can cycle on the pavement (with care) alongside a parent who may also have a buggy to deal with!

Sciennes encourages all children to do Cycle Training. This is in school time and the school can provide a suitable bike if required.

There are lots of places to cycle close to Sciennes The Meadows has several paths that it’s legal to cycle on. The Innocent Cyclepath starts at the Engine Shed, goes through the tunnel and then for miles – off road.

Cycle routes leaflets.


18 responses

25 09 2007
Miss Kelly

P6b have been cycle training at Sciennes for 3 weeks. We started week one in the playground and then we moved onto the road.

We now know how to do a safe start and safe stop. We have practised a right hand turn from a major road to a minor, a left hand turn and overtaking a parked car.

25 09 2007
sophie clowes 6b

hi my name is Sophie and i have been doing cycle training for 3 weeks.And i have been on and off road so far i am finding it fun.i have been learnig safe starts and stops and indacating left and right.i like being on the road at hutton place and i feel perfectly safe with the staff and teachers.i have been cycling in the playground and i definetly like being on the road better.

25 09 2007
Chloe Emma Paton P6B

I’ve been doing cycle training for three weeks now with my classmates.
My first lesson was in the playground, but now I am on the road.
I have been practicing taking over a parked car, doing a left hand turn, doing a right hand turn, going from a minor to major road, major to minor road
,safe stops and emergency stops.
It has been rather hard at some points, and boring waiting in line if your friends aren’t there, but it can be really fun.
My teacher says I can be a bit slow sometimes, but I manage to speed up just fine.

25 09 2007
louise harris p6b

hi we have been practicing to go on the road.but I can’t cycle so i have been practicing in the playgroud.we have done for three weeks.I was practicing putting my feet on the ground to keep my balance and i’am starting to cycle.

i’am really injoying it .

25 09 2007
Lauren Gage

I have been doing cycle training for three weeks.It has been placed in the school playground or on the road around sciennes primary school.We have been doing safe starts,turning and signaling left and right,major to minor.We have also been turning out from the pavement onto a minor road and over taking a parked cars.
I think it is a great idea to do cycle training phisically and enviromentally.It gives children who don’t usually get an opertunity to cycle get to cycle.
KEEP IT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

25 09 2007

i am sonny davidson of p6b a hav been road cycle tranig for 3weeks well 2 weeks on the road ans 1 week in the play groud we have been doing minor to mager turns and over taking parkt cars in hattin plase

25 09 2007
Sarah Gillies-Denning P6B

We have been doing cycle trianing for three weeks and learing lots of usefull things.we learnt in the playground for the first week and then we went onto the road.We have been learning to safe start and safe stop, signal properlly, over take parked cars and go from a major road to a minor road.I am really enjoying cycle traing it is really good!!!!!

25 09 2007
Selina Butler-Lowrie p6B

I am a Sciennes Primary School pupil. I have being doing cycle training for 3 weeks now, every Wednesday. We have been in the playground and out on the road. We have been learning how to do a left hand turn from Hatton Place to Lauder Road (turning from a minor road to a major road.) My group also learnt how to also learnt how to pull out from the side of the road ro the middle of the road. Next I learnt how to over take a parked car.

25 09 2007
eliza russell p6b

I have been doing cycle training for three weeks in the playground and on the road.So far our group have practiced doing a safe start and a safe stop, a right hand turn from a major road on to a minor road and overtaking a parked car.
I quite enjoy cycle training and I think its a great idea to encourage children to cycle to and back from school.Sometimes people in my group get told off or do something wrong and it holds up the group.

25 09 2007
Catriona Reid

I am called Catriona Reid and I have have been having cycle training at Sciennes School for 4 weeks now and have learnt loads.These are a few of the things we have learnt: right hand turns,over taking a parked car,left hand turns and probaly learn a lot more this week.We have learned to do this in a road near the school called Hatton Place.Thank you.

Sciennes School

25 09 2007
Iain cross+Murdo macleod

We have been doing cycle training for three weeks.We think that it is fun,active and educational.We have been lerning about safe starts and stops.We have also been lerning about signaling,turning write and left from a maijo road to a minor road and been practicing them allot.

25 09 2007
Pryde Baxter

I have been doing cycle training for three weeks and i’m enjoying it alot. We have been in the playground and on the roads. We have also done right and left hand turns to miner to major roads near Hatton place.
Thank You.

25 09 2007
Ines Hutchison p6b

Hi, as you can see my name is Ines and i have been doing cycle training for three weeks now.We have been doing it on Hatton place.Were we have practiced major to minor,left hand turn,safe start,safe stop,and lots of other
things. I had great fun. Thankyou for reading.

26 09 2007
Alison Zhang P6b

I first thought I was going to be the only one who didn’t know how to cycle, and I was really scared that I would always fall off. Now I can cycle I feel much more confident about it. I now also can ride the bike quickly.

I really enjoy cycling, I hope I get to cycle every day.

26 09 2007
Usman Maqbool

I thought I was not able to cycle but I eventually I know how to cycle. I learned how to turn right and left and to use the brakes. I really enjoy cycling. Next time I want to do more!

27 09 2007
Piers Armitage

I like cycle training,you learn alot and when you go out you feel much safer. We
are all split into groups so we get more one to one with the teacher.

Whats more it’s FUN!!!!!!!

27 09 2007

I like cycle training and it is fun ,sometimes we limbo.

27 09 2007
Sonali Nayak

I Leared to ride a bike

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